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We proudly present the best international pianoclub/pianobar entertainers in Europe and the US. You have just arrived at the no. 1 site for the very best up-front, high energy, party party piano entertainers you have ever seen. Pianists, mainly from England, Norway and USA, are ready to go anywhere there is a good pianobar and the atmosphere is right.

Please note that the English version of this site includes less availabilities than the Norwegian version. If you want to view the Norwegian version, please click the link in the upper left corner.

Address and phone numbers

Geirr Dippner Entertainment
P.O. Box 51
Th. Kittelsenvn 9, 3770 Kragerø, Norway.
Tlf +47 35 98 56 90 Fax +47 35 98 56 99 Mobile +47 92 82 55 51

E-Mail :

Why book piano players from a Norwegian agency?

A pianobar is not necessarily what you think it is - In the US a pianobar is a bar where a pianist is playing easy-listening and in Italy a pianobar is more like a disco.

A Norwegian pianobar is a place with a social atmosphere as in an English pub, even though it is a place to party. You can talk to the piano player and the other guest around the piano, or sing along and dance till you drop.

Most of the high energy pianobar concepts you will ever see, is mainly developed in Norway over the past 20 years.

It all began with some English piano players who came to Norway playing rock'n'roll on an acoustic piano. Then some artists started using drum machines, and as that became popular, pubs and restaurants turned into what we today call a pianobar.

The acoustic piano's mechanics was eventually replaced by a digital piano, keeping the chassis of the grand piano - no more feedback problems. Bar stools were placed round the grand piano to create a good and direct contact between the audience and the artist.

As the years went by, the piano players changed their style, started using bass keyboards and advanced drum machines to make the music groove. See for yourself; take a look at some of the videos on this site, and see and hear some of the best high energy piano entertainers sound like a full band.

When you plan the future, do yourself a favour - if you want to have the best pianobar, use the best piano entertainers - use the right agency. Compared to other kinds of entertainment such as soccer: Manchester United or any other premier league team would not be where they are today if they had used second-rate players.

If you want the best, choose the best - use piano players from the "premier league".

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